Stump Removal In Fremont CA

If you are searching for a dependable stump removal company in Fremont CA, call Garcia Amigo Tree Service. After having a tree removed from your property, the next step is getting rid of the stump. Unfortunately, it happens that a tree removal company does not explain that tree removal and stump removal are two separate jobs with different methods, equipment and cost.

We are focused on honesty and strive for customer satisfaction so you can trust our experienced and courteous crew to take care of both your tree removal and stump removal needs. When you need a tree stump removed from your Fremont CA home or commercial property, give Garcia Amigo Tree Service a call.

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Not all tree service companies will have the necessary equipment to remove a stump; the tools and machines are quite different than those used for tree removal. However, at Garcia Amigo Tree Service, we have trained crew members and reliable equipment to take care of the stump in your yard regardless of the size.

There are two ways to remove a stump from the yard: fully remove it from the ground including the roots and all or grind it down until the top is below the surface. We offer both of these services and we would be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions to determine what option fits best for your needs.

The process of stump removal and stump grinding differ. Stump removal is simply removing the entirety of the stump. Stump grinding though is completed with specialized equipment designed to grind a stump down piece by piece until it is underground. From here, our crew then smooths the area with dirt or mulch and can add top soil and grass seed depending on what you want to do with the cleared area. As for the remainder of the stump, it will naturally rot away safely underground and out of sight.

Some people will opt to leave the tree stump in their yard. They either do not want to incur the costs of removing or grinding the stump or they like the idea of having a stump for decorative purposes. Stumps will naturally rot away over time but the time frames can vary depending on the type of tree it was, the size of the stump and if any chemicals are used to speed up the process.

Based on a variety of factors, a stump may take a few years or a few decades before fully rotting away. In the meantime, there is an ugly stump with weeds growing around it and taking up precious space in your yard.

Unless you have a specific plan for the stump, we advise that you remove it.

Stump Grinding In Fremont CA

Garcia Amigo Tree Service maintains the equipment for stump grinding. We have handled some rather large stumps in our day and we always have had the tools and machines available to take care of the customer’s needs. The process of stump grinding involves placing a machine over the stump and grinding it down piece by piece until the stump is just below the ground level.

Stump grinding is very safe and is a great option since it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals to rot it away and it is much more cost-effective than digging in and removing the stump.

Call Garcia Amigo Tree Service for stump removal in Fremont CA.

Our highly-trained, certified and experienced crew has the proven capabilities to remove or grind the stump in your yard safely, quickly and efficiently. Give us a call and we can meet with you and determine your needs prior to submitting an estimate. That estimate will be what your final cost is for stump removal or stump grinding without any additional charges tacked on at the end of the job, we promise.

Our guarantee is to ensure the stump is removed or grinded down and that your property is in good shape after the use of our equipment. Our reputation for providing high-quality work means you can feel confident in your choice of hiring us. We are committed to giving you 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact Garcia Amigo Tree Service to learn more about stump grinding!

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